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Import / Export

British American Trading specialise in the Import/Export business. We have managed several projects in many different industries worldwide. Our expertise in the trade enable us to use our contacts to build strong business relationships and develop many businesses all over the globe. Please see some of our recent enterprises which are included on this site to see how we have successfully managed and overcome all challenges on behalf of our clients.


If you’re interested in licensing or reselling in your country, please feel free to contact us. We offer exclusive licensing or reseller volume rates, depending on your marketing approach. Also, if you would like to distribute localized version in your country, we’d be glad to assist you in translating into your language. We are also keen on developing our International resellers/partners distribution wing of the company. Please contact us to see how we can help your company expand.


Our most recent projects have seen us establish companies within the following fields and industries:-

– Petroleum Products
– Tea
– Safety Workboots
– Tea Packing Machinery
– Tobacco
– Soft Drinks

To see how we can advise your company please don’t hesitate to contact us.